Bible Exhibition 2017

The Bible Exhibition will run for two weeks in September on Grenfell Street, Adelaide. Read on for more details.


Open bibleThe Bible Exhibition is a free visual display on the Bible and Bible related themes. It has been on display throughout Australia at various centres and is open to the public as much as possible.

The Bible Exhibition has been designed to bring the “hope in God” to the attention of every person and to encourage them to “seize the hope” that is set before them (Hebrews 6:18).



Ancient writingBelow you will find when and where the Bible Exhibition will be displayed:

Date: Monday 11th September to Thursday 28th September 2017
Address: 77 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
Opening Times: Monday to Thursday 10 am to 7 pm, Friday 10 am to 9 pm and Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday 10 am to 5 pm
More info: Contact us



Biblical Archaeology

The science of Archaeology has no greater focus than the Middle East. A vast wealth of experience, expert knowledge and artefacts will be on display with particular emphasis on the Rosetta stone, Herod’s Temple and the Cyrus Cylinder.

From Texts to Translations

Old paperThe introduction of printing provided a unique opportunity for the spread of God’s word the Bible. This exhibition traces Bible texts through the evolution of the English Bible from its most early forms to today. There is a collection of old Bibles, original extracts, some over 500 years old which help to assure us the Bible remains the true word of God today.

Bible Stories

The Bible has undoubtedly shaped cultures, people and history. It records some of the most incredible events the world has ever seen. “Bible History” illustrates key events and elements spanning the biblical worlds of Europe and the Middle East on a unique twenty metre long presentation outlining God’s plan with the earth.


Have you ever considered why Israel is at the centre of world news or why the European Union has in recent years grown to be a power house of many nations? Trace through Bible prophecy and consider the nations today as predicted over 2000 years ago and look forward beyond Armageddon to the future which Almighty God has determined for the world.

The Miracles of the Master

Undoubtedly, the presence of Jesus Christ irrevocably changed the world. Not only did he show the world what it was to follow God as a human being, but he used and illustrated the power of God in miracles that demonstrated that he was indeed the son of God. What were these miracles and what was the response?



PriestThroughout the Bible Exhibition, you will find a free series of handouts which in a series entitled “The Truth About…” which are available for taking. These handouts provide a summary of the Bible teaching and verses about topics of interest.

You are able to download all the handouts in this series by clicking on the links below. Find out the truth about:

  1. Belief and Baptism
  2. Believing what is Right
  3. Bible Prophecy
  4. Death
  5. Discipleship
  6. Eternal Life
  7. Heaven
  8. Jesus Christ
  9. Man
  10. The Angels
  11. The Devil and Satan
  12. The God and Creator
  13. The Holy Spirit Gifts
  14. The Hope of Israel
  15. The Kingdom of God
  16. The Last Days
  17. The Promises to Abraham
  18. The Promises to David
  19. The Sabbath
  20. The Saviour promised in Eden
  21. The Second Coming
  22. The Spirit
  23. Tithing
  24. Truth



These photographs have been taken at various Bible Exhibitions around Australia. We hope they provide an insight into what you can expect when you visit. Each Bible Exhibition is uniquely different depending on the location and venue. Here are some pictures of a Bible Exhibition held in Mt Waverley, Victoria:


We hope you can make it to the Bible Exhibition!

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