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The Six Day War – Free Seminar

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Bible Lecture at Woodville

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Bible Presentations in Henley Beach & Woodville

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Special Town Hall Presentation

On Tuesday November 15th 2016 a free bible presentation was held at the Adelaide Town Hall on the following topics:


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In Or Out? Bible Implications of a Brexit

On 23 June 2016 voters in Britain will decide on their role in the European Union. How will this affect their future and what are the implications for the Middle East?

On Sunday the 19th of June the public was invited to come and hear what Bible prophecy says about Britain and her allies, including Australia, and the part they will play in the battle of Armageddon.

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2016 Bible Education Seminars

This seminar series commenced in February 2016.

It helped those who find reading the Bible difficult or frustrating, giving attendees the tools needed to better understand the Bible.

The course was held in 10 venues across South Australia, to the title “Learn to read the Bible effectively”

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Sunday 20th December 2015 – Free Bible Seminar

A free 60 minute presentation was given in 8 locations across South Australia: “Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Israel – What on Earth will happen next?”.

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Bible Exhibition 2015

The Christadelphians held the Bible Exhibition, which was open to the public from the 19th September to the 5th of October 2015.

Cyrus CylinderThe Bible Exhibition is a free visual display on the Bible and Bible related themes.

The Bible Exhibition has been designed to bring the “hope in God” to the attention of every person and to encourage them to “seize the hope” that is set before them (Hebrews 6:18).

We hope and pray that you enjoyed your Bible Exhibition experience.

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Royal Adelaide Show Stand 2015

We hope you visited us at the Royal Adelaide Show, at stand #H51 in the Jubilee Pavilion, from the 4th to the 12th of September.

Royal show 2015 banner 2Many visitors discussed with us a variety of bible topics and questions they had.

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2015 Bible Education Seminars

This seminar series commenced in February 2015.

We demonstrated that the Bible has accurately predicted events which have come about exactly as foretold, which gives us confidence to believe what the Bible says about our future.

The course was held in 15 venues across South Australia, to the title “The Bible – Answers today, hope for tomorrow”

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